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Special Education, Skills Development, Bullying, Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Suicide, Restorative Justice, Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Depression, Creative Expression, Youth Justice, Community, Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Family, Support, Validation, Individuals


We are a daily online blog magazine created to bring awareness to the thoughts, dreams, ideas and struggles of the children and youth in our community, and beyond. By encouraging our readers to write to us about all of the above, plus ask questions or give feedback, we hope to ignite passions and create opportunities to foster strengths and develop skills, or offer support to those who need it.

*No identifying or contact information will ever be shared or posted.  Confidentiality rules are strictly adhered to.

We are locally active but globally minded.

From linking local readers with local resources supporting victims of trauma such as sexual abuse or neglect, or to interest and skills based activities and recreational pursuits, MATTERS wants to show how truly simple it is to be a support and inspiration to anyone, anywhere.

Words of encouragement, understanding, validation and inspiration can come from across the globe and make an impact.

Holding onto the hope, optimism, courage and insight that these words deliver, we step, roll or make our own particular ways through the doorways of local and accessible resources.

Just need a place to vent?  Want to connect with others in similar circumstances?  Think you are all alone in your thoughts?  Write to us and we will start a forum where others can connect to you!

The vision and creation of a Child and Youth Work student, advocate, and dreamer, MATTERS’ mission is to empower and create opportunities for

children and youth of all ages and abilities, and their families in our little town and beyond.

In advocating for children and youth, we cannot forget to foster emotional, spiritual and psychological growth and strength, in the adults who make up the child’s milieu, such as  home, school, and community.

Healthy adults make excellent role models. 

Matters offers a space for awareness, understanding and support.

MATTERS wants to work with local businesses, organizations and initiatives to support, and raise awareness of each other’s work, as well as build new, and strengthen existing relationships.

MATTERS will act as a link between local resources and the children, youth and families who seek them.

Children, Youth, & Families……we are looking for contributors who have something to say about how they feel or what they think.  Ask a question, post a response or simply use conversations posted as sources of information.  Want to foster strengths or experience childhood dreams such as taking music or riding lessons? Let us link you to resources to make that happen!  Having a tough time with school, friends, family or other things?  Let us know.  We will direct you to the right support systems to help you through it.

Write to us at freespiritsparis@gmail.com and we will post your story, question, or views for others to offer feedback or relate to.

 *No identifying or contact information will ever be shared.  Confidentiality is strictly adhered to.

*Trigger warnings regarding sensitive or trauma based materials will always be posted

Don’t forget to leave feedback on our posts so that we can learn from and support one another on this journey.

Consider becoming a MATTERS sponsor.  We hope to one day create a home based space in which we can offer free workshops, classes and more and we can’t do it without the support of local business and citizens.  For now, using the online forum, MATTERS will act as a link connecting local children, youth and their families to a network of supports for absolutely all needs.

What about a Matters Partner?  Write to us for information about how you can become a regular Matters Contributor, a Sponsor, or a Partner.

Our roots are in Paris Ontario, but we are all about growth.  Ask us how your community can become a branch of this initiative and have it’s very own MATTERS MAG resource.  Together, we can create stronger, more inclusive and open-minded communities.  This is an excellent opportunity for Child and Youth Workers or other professionals to network, and act as links to their own community resources and people.

We are breaking down barriers to individual empowerment & creating limitless possibilities.

Read more about Matters’ Creator/Contributor, Ally Smith on our Contributors Page!

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