1:1 Private Practice Child and Youth Worker Rates

All services include a free initial consultation about concerns, questions, and needs in regards to individual circumstances. This can be done via phone, email, or in person for up to one half (0.5) hour period.

All subsequent appointments will be billed at $45/hour.

Services include 1:1 and family consultation and counselling, strength based behaviour and engagement plans, arts, music, canine, recreational and interest based therapeutic activities and referrals, community engagement and volunteering networking, homework help and tutoring, resume building and job search, life skills, and more!

Personalized and focused strengths and individual interest based therapy.

Receive a free 1 hour session by buying prepaid appointment packages.

4 prepaid 1 hour appointments $135

10 prepaid 1 hour appointments $405

Prepaid appointments can be scheduled on an as needed basis, with at least 2 days notice given to coordinate.

Payment accepted via interact e-transfer or cash.

Please contact Ally Brown at 226 802 2788 or at freespiritsparis@gmail.com



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