Dear Attawapiskat,

Fellow friends, readers, bloggers…..whoever you are, wherever you are,

Please join us in reaching out to the community of Attawapiskat ON, as they mourn the tragic mass loss of youth to suicide.  It still shocks me that it’s true.  That groups of children and youth feel they have nothing left to live for. Nothing left to hope for. Nothing left to lose.

Reaching out, Words, and Humanity matters.

Doing nothing affects people more than you’d think…..and so it matters too.

Do something today, by sending words and messages of hope, and of compassion to the children, youth and families of Attawapiskat.

Messages can be sent to, or posted to this conversation on   …..or…..

Please visit Six Nations Helping Hands Initiative for Attawapiskat Group for more information on how you can help.

Share this message!!

Thank you, in peace and compassion,


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