New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while…

There are new things happening!

Step by step…..

….we’re getting there!

As Free Spirits creeps closer and closer to becoming a reality, and I wrap up the CYW program….I can’t help but remember where this all started, who has been with me, either purposefully or unknowingly on this journey….and where we are all headed!

I will be completing my final placement at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, in the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric unit.  After speaking with both the coordinator and the Child and Youth Worker who I will be shadowing, I can’t describe how fortunate I feel to be given the chance for this experience. There are many people involved who have helped make this happen and I appreciate and have acknowledged every single one of them.

Don’t forget. We are all responsible for ourselves….just as all the others that I have mentioned.  In good or bad times, consider what you can do, how you can feel, and what you can choose…to make things better. Give yourself credit for those choices and the actions which have brought you to places like the opportunity that I have described. It wasn’t just me, it wasn’t just them, it wasn’t just chance. All combined together to make a dream, and a goal…a reality.

Every moment of every day is a chance to start over, try again, or make a change.

You can do it. There are people to help you on your way, once you make the decision to act, and to ask for help and guidance.

Dream it. Do it.

Tell us about it! 🙂


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