Rekindling Our Fires: The spirit of giving is healing…

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a little while! With the holiday season in full swing, school wrapping up for another semester, and the study of something brand new….

….the posts have been in my head and heart and intentions, and well….here is one that I hope you will all find inspiring…a prompt to contribute and give.

Rekindling Our Fires is a community support group, based out of Six Nations, Ontario Canada, whose mission is to provide support and intervention for those whose lives have been affected by suicide.

The group has been especially busy planning a community Christmas dinner, to be served on Christmas Eve this year, just 5 short days away.

As many of you know, the holiday season is sadly, a time where suicide rates are found to be some of the highest.

In the spirit and time of giving, which this group perpetuates all the year through…..I am reaching out to ask readers to consider donating to this beautiful initiative.


The items listed below are currently sought after, and would be greatly appreciated.  In addition to the dinner, there will be crafting stations set up for children and others to create and personalize memorial ornaments or keepsakes to honour their loved ones, or keep thoughts of love and comfort within themselves.

Please have a look at the wish list, and contact me at to see how you can contribute to this day, and to someone’s memory, or another person’s life.

For Crafting Stations

  • Wooden hearts and other shapes
  • Wooden boxes
  • feathers
  • assorted rocks and stones
  • scissors
  • glue/glue guns and sticks

Food Items

  • pies or pie making ingredients
  • coffee/tea
  • cream/milk/sugar
  • potatoes
  • whipped cream
  • icing and goodies for decorating cookies
  • chips and dip/other munchies
  • baking pans

This list is not exhaustive. Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated, so that items not donated or still needed, can be bought.  We thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Please visit the Rekindling Our Fires Facebook page for updated information and other event information at


Rekindling Our Fires

If you, or a loved one is, or has been affected by suicide…or needs immediate crisis assistance

Please contact Distress/Crisis Assistance for a listing of local networks across Ontario


Canadian Mental Health Association  for listings across Canada


If you are in the United States or living internationally

United States and International Suicide Support Listings

Please know that you alone, and there is help available at any time.

In peace and love and hope….



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