What a Week!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a whirlwind of a week and I’m so glad.

I started an afternoon shift as an After School Program Teacher at North Ward School, here in Paris. There are a total of 21 kids in the program, and 2 teachers, myself and another who has been working at Paris Child Care for just over 18 years. It’s always nice to hear that someone has been spending their time doing something they so obviously love. In 18 years, there have been a great many changes and a great many children spending time in the programs. I am very happy to have the chance to be a part of it all.

You can imagine, that with 21 kids varying in age from 3-12, there are a lot of little voices vying to be heard, thoughts needing to be shared and energy to burn!! Considering all of this, I can honestly say that they are a really amazing bunch, and I have already learned so much about them, and from them.

Have you ever stopped to consider what your child, or another young person you may know has to teach you, or offer to the world? If not, it’s definitely not too late.

Take time.

How much?

A few seconds.

That little one tugging on your pant leg or arm to ask you for help,  or to ask you a quick question only needs a few seconds. Maybe another needs a few minutes to talk about something that happened at school. You wouldn’t believe the insightful and very wise thoughts I heard as I listened to a 9 year old talk about a “new kid” who was “really mean” but “who just needed to be understood.” That’s what she said to me…and I was so very impressed and hopeful about the future.

I have been letting the parents know about Matters so that their children can become a part of the growth and future of our little town, by having a voice. While some content is definitely too mature for our younger citizens, this makes for an excellent opportunity for parents and children to peruse what we have to offer together, as well as to start a conversation appropriate to age level and experience.

Pass the word along! This is Paris, ON but we want to hear from our readers from all over the world. Together, we can share stories, offer support and feedback, and encourage our future to see and create hope, dreams and opportunities for all.


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