Call to Elementary and High School Student Writers/Reporters/Contributors

Hello Paris!

We are really looking to provide opportunities to foster creative spirits by putting the call out to students in Paris, in all grades, who would like to be a part of Matters by contributing weekly stories, news, information, sports reports…..WHATEVER you kids and youth are talking about, thinking of and feeling.

What’s happening??  We want to know!

Write to Ally at to discuss this opportunity.

This is an excellent opportunity to sharpen your communication, writing, organizing, interviewing and investigative skills.  Begin compiling a portfolio right now, by becoming a weekly contributor.   An outline will be provided based on your age, interests and school.

*Parents….talk to your little ones!  We don’t want to place barriers on creativity and interests.  Help them to discuss and compile with you, the day’s or week’s events and put them on a path of skills development and interest or skills based opportunities.

We have put the call out the each school in Paris, to work with us to spread the word about Matters and to present these opportunities to your children.  We hope to meet with prospective student contributors and families soon to get talking about and listening to what matters to our young ones.

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