Moving Forward: Realize, Reboot, Respond

Good Morning Everyone,

The last week has reminded us that we have been inundated with graphic and horrific sights, sounds and stories, from around the world and right next door….for far, far too long.

As I read posts from friends who have just simply had enough, or rants from those just beginning to realize how mean and insensitive humans can be….it spurs me to keep talking about how hopeful our future looks, and how our children and youth can acknowledge their pure potential and nurture it to growth, strength and purpose for themselves and for others.

A recent question posted by a member of the CYC-net asked “how do we talk to our kids about terror?”

I responded, true to form, by challenging to intervene outside of the “normal” and proverbial box…..

I think that one of the most important things to consider is that we cannot, and they should not, be making stereotypical generalizations and assumptions about who terrorists are…..and who are terrorists.

In Peterborough, Ontario, a Mosque was already intentionally set on fire, and a Muslim woman picking up her children from school in Toronto, was attacked by two men, telling her “go back home….you terrorist”.

Note the severe example of hypocrisy, and realize how these messages are causing our children to think, feel and react….is it any wonder we have trust issues and kids just wanting to say “no!” “forget it” “I want nothing to do with it”?

The blatant ignorance on social media, has Muslim friends of mine, myself, and others shocked…….as even people we thought we knew, make racist and ignorant statements about cultures, immigration and refugees.

This is the time to speak to the children and youth about tolerance, acceptance and speaking out against violence.  As we have seen time and time and time again……for years since WWII….fighting does not eradicate fighting, or the threat of violence.  It only fuels the fire.

It is time to speak to youth about the severe bias of the media…as terrorist acts kill innocent human beings in multiple countries all over the world, and we very rarely hear or see mention of them.  But that’s not all…..there are wonderful and inspiring acts of humanity and compassion and acceptance happening all over the world as well……who splashes them across front pages?  Not many.  So sadly, when inspiring stories are told, they are made out to be superhuman or completely unnatural acts…..

Are we being made to feel afraid?  That’s a whole other post…’s time to realize and reboot.

Take this time to promote humanity.  To challenge young people to challenge what they see, hear and know about cultures, countries, the government and these wars that go on and on and on, to absolutely no avail.

Think about it. Everything society says about raising children, being married, learning, working, living… wrapped up in a pre-planned, theorized-to-death bundle of something called “the norm”.  Where has it gotten us?  To here.  To intervention and therapies which can barely keep up with demand……kids are being propelled off of the line into a completely unguided heap…..blindly wandering into adulthood and the daily grind…..just doing what they have to do to survive.

My Mother will tell you, I was born challenging….everything. A trait not so desired in the children we want to dictate living life to…..but one which when acknowledged, and fostered positively for good, changes the way we think, feel and act. We have to act!  We have to speak louder for peace and acceptance…..there are no more excuses for being silent anymore…

See Righteous Rebellion…..a past post…

This morning, a friend of mine posted an exasperated message about the horrors and backlash of racism spewing from her very own friends and acquaintances.

I felt her heavy sighs in my chest, her aching head behind my eyes, and understood her need to just pull the covers up over her head and hide from it all…..

I couldn’t help but respond in this way…..which I hope will be passed along.  Our children and youth and society need to know…that the world does not need to be spiraling downward in despair….that in fact, if hopes of peace, harmony and acceptance just practice a little assertiveness…we can move forward and model for our children, how to be the change we so desperately need, for ourselves and for them…..and for all.

Humans are inherently peaceful and loving, compassionate and open-minded, curious and advocating beings. As society has surged unconsciously towards what it thinks is the ultimate, before the perceived end, tripping and stumbling, being pushed and pulled and dragged….it has become a “save yourself” “sink or swim” race against time…..There are no good excuses for ignorance, hatred or greed, but many reasons why….Positive and conscious understanding, thought, and action will help to change some minds, break down barriers and teach our children to understand the world in it’s diverse entirety, hear the lies, see the needs, challenge the system and turn “normal” back to natural. Use this machine for delivering hope and consciousness and see what comes back to you…’s awesome, and it works.

Do something today.  Learn, and look outside of the box.  Let your children go a little… wonder and to ask why.  Listen to what they are saying and to how they are professing their needs.  See how their actions and ways, although seemingly defiant, reflect harmless intentions.  Each and every one of them, if allowed to just be, can reflect a changed society and future.

Trust them.  They do not yet know, or think or feel what we fear, or condemn.


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