Conversations: Tragedy. Locally and Globally…..We Must Take Action Together Towards Peace.

On the very same day that the entire world learned about the tragic events unfolding in Paris, France, a young woman, in a small community here and close to home, was the innocent victim of an equally tragic hit and run.

Jolene Styres’ body was found by local Six Nations police, after being alerted by family that she had not returned home as expected.  Left in a ditch to succumb to her injuries, by the driver of the vehicle which hit her…this young 32 year old woman, mourned and missed by family and community, may never make international news….but her life, like that of all others, deserves it.

Naturally, in reaction to tragic events, people look to point fingers and place blame, largely in an attempt to call out and try to prevent such tragedies from happening again. Despite the usual supportive and compassionate coming together, as demonstrated by countries around the world in response to the attacks on Paris, there is also a great divide, disconnect and threat of further violence as differences of opinion and ways of reacting to tragedy clash.

Although the differences of opinion and perspectives are all natural, and necessary to move forward through the grieving process, one community member’s response to the backlash against police for not preventing such an accident stood out to me.

Please read Laurie A. Hill’s response to the backlash, particularly against the police.  In a day and age where the much needed shift in our systems and power is hovering on the edge, I believe that it is imperative to remember many of the sentiments which Laurie sheds light on.

Community.  Acting together peacefully, positively, and with open minds and compassionate hearts.

……I completely agree, this is a human problem, not a police problem. Every time something happens down here, people blame the cops for not doing their jobs. They are doing the best they can in a community full of every kind of people, with some who some times make very bad choices. We do have a serious problem down here with drugs and alcohol  and people speeding. Everyone knows that. Many people also know who the drug dealers and boot leggers are but look the other way. We live in a small community and word gets around. It is time we all stepped up to help make changes in our community. We can all affect positive change to happen. To just constantly blame the cops for things wrong in our community is very unfair, unrealistic, and not very responsible. They are not the ones making people act as they do around here. Our community is in a state of mourning for all the beautiful souls we have lost recently. This is a time when we need to come together, not keep disagreeing and blaming and pointing fingers. People tend to forget our police force is made up of our own community members who have families here and have feelings of pain and loss just like the rest of us when we lose people. They knew and are sometimes related to these people also. Its time we all had more compassion for everyone in our community. Take care everyone.

Thank you Laurie for your words, full of wisdom and compassion….hope and proactive power.

Please keep this conversation going so that we may support each other, work together, and move towards the future…stronger and more powerful than ever.

Write to us at and we will post responses to this story and others for all to give feedback, offer support and find wisdom in.

Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself.

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