Self-esteem as a Superpower. Get Yours Today!!!


The American Psychological Association definition: “Self-esteem A generalized evaluative attitude toward the self that influences both moods and behavior and that exerts a powerful effect on a range of personal and social behaviors. (Gerrig)

When “Googled”, defined as a noun, “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.”

In general, “I acknowledge my strengths, accept my weaknesses and am okay with that, completely”

In an ironic twist…self-esteem, an internally generated driving force behind our thoughts, feelings and actions… unfortunately, nourished and developed by outside forces such as encouragement, acceptance and validation.  I say unfortunately, because for an individual lacking these external factors, the internal growth and strengthening of self-esteem is severely stunted.  Despite the fact that the capacity for self-esteem is an innate ability, the external nourishment is critical to its development.  Where does low self-esteem lead an individual?

To depression and sadness, addiction and stress.  Illness, or harm… oneself or to others.  It leaves anger and fear to guide one’s actions….through the day, the weeks, the months and the years.  It piles up, leaving a cumbersome load to bear.

In contrast, as the seed of self-esteem responds to the light of encouragement and the warmth of acceptance, once it has realized its potential by acknowledging its strength…..self-esteem as a superpower is born, and it is never too late to obtain it!

What does having a superpower like this mean?  For the tiny wee young ones, and the aging alike, it’s an impenetrable force field of multiple powers all in one!!

Self-esteem as a superpower is a mighty shield, oblivious to the onslaught of external forces which bombard our worlds as we know them, from our perspectives.

Bullying, teasing and other degrading attempts to oppress are simply deflected using the shield of self-esteem as a superpower.  Remembering that we accept ourselves for all of our strengths and all of our weaknesses, leaves the slings and arrows of others as meaningless, weightless and harmless projections.

We are even able to see, as if with x-ray vision, that those who sling and shove and propel insults at others, sadly lack the superpowers that we posses……so far, a shield and x-ray vision.

Having self-esteem as a superpower, leaves us with the ultra ability to imagine and envision ourselves accomplishing great things.  This is the first step towards goal setting and living our dreams, which are infinite and just plain possible!

Self-esteem as a superpower gives us super strength and resilience in trying times and situations.  Giving our all to accomplish the goals that we have set, is superhuman and super awesome.

Having the ability to bounce back when knocked down (which we accept will happen) is just plain fun.  Imagine barrelling full force towards what you have set your sights on, and then crashing hard into a barrier….(there are sooo many barriers)….no matter! because you just BOUNCED right off of it and landed on your feet…..all cat like and rubbery.

Self-esteem as a superpower is being able to learn from and appreciate your mistakes.  If you haven’t made any, or at least, are terrified to admit that you have….get over it.  The word mistake shouldn’t be burdened with the negative connotations it carries.  Mistakes are how we truly learn, because we only truly learn by doing.  If we are not doing, we are not learning and so go.  Do.  Be.

Spark your superpower by having the intention to do so.  Then follow your path to the people and the places who will help you to foster and nourish it.  You can take it from there.  We all have the ability.  It’s just believing in it.  That’s all.

Tell us!! How do you foster your self-esteem as a superpower?  Not sure how to?  Let us help!  Write to us using the contact form below.


Gerrig, R., & Zimbardo, P. (2002). Psychology And Life, 16/e. Retrieved November 9, 2015, from

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