November 8-15, 2015 Events in Paris, Ontario

Hello Everyone,

With time changing and marching on…I thought I’d take time to mention a few events that you and your family could take in and enjoy this week, right here in Paris.

From craft shows and knitting groups, to spiritual wellness retreats, Christmas in Paris, and Remembrance Day, there is sure to be something for everyone….all in one week!

Please visit the Brant Calendar at  for details and a full listing of events.

If you know of something going on that is not listed here, please write to us to let us know, and we will post for all to see.

In speaking of time and acknowledgement, I find it to be quite sad, that because we take so many things for granted, we need to have specific dates set to remember to pay attention to these many and multiple things we are so fortunate to have and experience.

Random Act of Kindness Day, Remembrance Day, Grandparents, Mothers and Fathers Day…..the list is loooooooong……and really…should we not be thankful, appreciative and acknowledging the sacrifices and kindness of our friends and loved ones each day?

Spread the message by assisting friends, loved ones, neighbours and co-workers whenever they may be in need.  Appreciate those little things that your spouse or kids, or parents or siblings do for you each and every day.  Don’t forget your teachers and employers, bus drivers or clerks…….even on an off day…..a smile, and a little common courtesy go a really, really long way.

I am going to post a link to a news article about Martin Beunaventura, a student from the Phillipines, who has proven he knows what kindness in action is all about.  He will be receiving the YMCA Peace Medal later in November, for his efforts and kindness towards others who have like him, moved here to Canada from other countries.  Way to go Martin! Definitely a Mentor in Motion!

Read Martin’s story here….

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