Matters’ 3rd Mentor in Motion.

We were stopped at a light.  It was dark, very damp…the rain and the wind worked to insidiously chill to the bone….

….especially so, I imagine….for the 20 something easing the strain, by leaning against the lamp post, holding a message of appeal.

Without question, or hesitation…and without a word… 15 year old son handed me the last $12 out of his wallet, to give to the girl.  It was birthday money he had been saving, and had just spent a little of, on something he wanted to buy for himself.

Generosity, and compassion….empathy, just because….in motion.

A Mentor in Motion… son.

To learn more about, and support homeless and displaced  members of our community, please visit Brantford Welcome In at

To support the Cambridge Ontario Shelter Corporation, and the men, women and children who need their services, please visit

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