Autism Treatment: 5 Years on the Waitlist……

Hello Everyone,

The following article is a heartbreaking example of why I wanted to create Matters and begin to build a network of support for those “waiting in the gaps” in services.

While treatments, interventions, and new research into issues like Autism, and Special Education, or Mental Health, continue to grow and become more mainstream…..there are still very serious concerns and issues with the parents and children, families and communities, who are left waiting, or without services.

Matters wants to be the respite, the bridge, and the advocate for you, your families, and your communities.  I hold a Certificate in Autism Intervention, obtained through the Geneva Centre for Autism, and have extensive one on one experience in supporting an 8 year old through her school, and social environment.  Feel free to reach out to me if you require assistance, or with any questions or concerns.  Write to Ally at or using the contact form below.

You can also visit the Geneva Centre at

Please follow the link to learn more about how families are dealing with the wait times for services, for their loved ones.  Leave your questions, comments or concerns for us to discuss and problem solve to provide interventions in our own community and beyond.

It matters.  We can help.

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