Because We Are Humans…….

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s another very mild, and wonderfully sunny day here in Paris, Ontario and unless you are desperate to ski, or to skate on the pond….which my son is already dreaming of…..I’d bet you are enjoying the fall colors, as the warm sun highlights their brilliance.

This segue was unintentional, but I’ll take it.

This week has brought to my attention, through posts and extemporaneous conversation, the issues of race and culture, the divides, and perpetuation of misunderstanding and blatant lack of acceptance.

As a being who, even as a child, felt herself to be “neutral”….meaning open to, curious about, and accepting of humans….

because they are humans…..

and just as I am…….unique individuals…..

…I have accepted and tried to understand the perspectives and stances…..the interpretations and views of all.

I still do, and always will….keep trying.  It’s all that we can honestly do, because we cannot truly ever know, how another human feels.  We struggle greatly to understand ourselves, and our own mixed feelings, and thoughts, and emotions…as it is.

Trying as hard as possible to remain neutral, and accepting, I speak up and advocate for many.

But conversations and advocacy….speaking up for, and out against…..are fruitless pursuits without…




The only way for us to break the tragic and heartbreaking cycle, is for each and every one of us, from every race, creed and culture, to look into the eyes of our babies and children and whisper into their ears that they are wondrous, and beautiful, and amazing human beings capable of anything.

Strengthening their hearts and minds and souls with affirmation, validation and acknowledgement of who they are and what makes them so wonderful, is the only way of creating hopeful and empowered dreamers, thinkers and doers…ones who believe in themselves and achieve what was considered by others as impossible….

Incredulous barriers will crumble….under the empowerment of spirit and heart and soul…..

Our children deserve no less.

This was in response to, and not a rebuttal……to a very raw and honest representation of the thoughts and feelings of Dominique Matti, as can be read here

Highlighting brilliance.  My impromptu segue…..because it describes in two words, what I believe to be the catalyst to the shift, and true change in this world and it’s global, local and familial society.

We must empower the individuals.  Our babies and children and loved ones and citizens are pure potentiality.  It is collectively us, and ourselves who keep the dialogue and conception of oppression and worth……and struggle weighing on us….

and dragging us down…..

It does not have to be this way anymore..….

First allow yourself to….and then teach your children how to be.  To accept.  To live.

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