The Flow and Ripple Effects of Truth and Acceptance in Conversation

Hello Everyone,

As we mark 1 week (and a bit!) since that launch of Matters, there are already many milestones to celebrate.

I’ll begin by once again, thanking this week’s Mentor in Motion and Matters’ newest Contributor, and link to resources, Chris Morrison.  His past does not define him.  It’s what he is doing by speaking out about his past today, that truly speaks to what kind of mind, heart and soul this true survivor, advocate and human being possesses.  Thank you Chris.  May the conversation continue to inspire…

We have seen viewers and visits steadily climb.  By way of what I believe to be synchronicity, we have been linked by present connections in one country, to brand new ones in another.  We have created the spaces and places for conversations to start….and they have.  Thanks to one kind reader, I woke up this morning to a message of encouragement and “kudo’s” from a fellow blogger.

We’ve seen and been inspired by a neighbouring small town community making international news!  All in the name of  love and support for a child, and his family…and his last wishes….

We’ve had likes and shares, comments and most of all…..a chance.  We need to offer it all to you.  We’ve all seen how one person’s experience, laid out on the line for all to consider, can change the course of someone else’s life.  Whether it be in your own family, community or on the global stage, we know it happens, we need it to happen and we can most definitely MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please visit us and see how Matters can be your forum.  Tell friends and loved ones and neighbours to start the conversations….(remember that ALL posts are anonymous and strict confidentiality rules are in place)….Connect to the global perspective and be a part of the sweetness of synchronicity, change and advocacy.

write to us!

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