Without Further Ado…..

Good Morning Everyone!

I would like to introduce this week’s Matters Mentor in Motion, who will now also be available as a link to services, advocate, and voice for others who may have or be experiencing trauma at the hands of an abuser.

*Matters would like to inform you that Chris’ experience of being the victim of male sexual abuse may be a trigger to our readers. Please beware of your own personal feelings, emotions and mental state surrounding this issue and proceed when you are ready and able, or with the support of someone you trust.  

Meet Chris Morrison.  Throughout this past week, he and I have been having conversations about conversations, and the one we were going to present to you today.

Though everyone’s journey and experiences are different, we have heard from many others, and personally realized, that truth in conversation is truly a path to freedom.  While coming forward with allegations, truths about oneself, or information many people do not understand or are not accepting of is extremely difficult and life altering….we can be sure that opening up and sharing our stories lets others who have been through similar experiences know that they are not alone.

For Chris’ courage, quest for truth in healing, and decision to publicly advocate for those suffering through child sexual abuse/trauma, as well as the issue of homophobia, we welcome Chris as a Mentor in Motion and link to resources for anyone who may be suffering in silence.

Enough from me….over to you Chris….and Thank You.

My name is Chris Morrison and I’m a 44 year old gay male. I’ve been a Paris resident for most of my life. For me, Paris is home and many wonderful life memories have been made here.
Unfortunately Paris harbours some dark memories and evil demons for me as well.
Over a 6 year period spanning 1983-1989, from 12 to 18 years old, ‎ I was victim of sexual abuse by the former Anglican Minister George Ferris when he held position at St. James Anglican Church in Paris. Due to the fact that I was gay and struggling with my sexuality, in an era where I had limited knowledge or resources available to me, he exploited and used my naiveness against me.
What should have been a time of self discovery and personal growth for me, was the start of being a silent victim for almost 27 years, during of which, almost saw me end my life.  I was living in shame and guilt by thinking it was wrong to be gay, as he had ingrained these beliefs into me. I was not able to live and be who I truly was.
My journey of healing began in December 2011 when I filed a formal report with the Brant County O.P.P., and had my abuser criminally charged and held accountable for his actions.
My action, of reporting this to the police, led to eight other male victims coming forward and having their stories be told to police, through investigation.  At that time, of nine  victims known, four of us pursued criminal charges against our abuser.
In November 2013, George Ferris was found guilty of 2 counts sexual assault, and 1 count sexual exploitation against me, and sentenced in January 2014, to 4 years in a federal penitentiary.
He is now a registered sex offender and placed on the national sex offender registry list for life.
The former Anglican Minister was deposed* from the Anglican Church soon after sentencing. *Defrocked, had his title as a minister removed, and holds no position of authority associated with such title.
At the time of his sentencing, I had made the request to have the publication ban that was in place protecting my identity, removed.
This was a major step in my healing journey.
From that day onwards, I have stopped living as a silent victim, and have become a vocal advocate regarding the issues of childhood sexual assault, abuse, and homophobia.
I share my story to bring awareness to these issues and hopefully, to inspire any victim who may be suffering in silence.
To any victim who may be suffering…..
You are not alone.
It takes a tremendous amount of courage to break your silence.
When you feel ready, confide in someone you trust, tell your story, and begin your journey of healing.
You deserve nothing less.
I’m Chris Morrison and in my search of ‘Truth for Healing, I am Silent No More’.
I can be contacted by email at ;
or, I invite you to my Facebook Community page ‘Truth for Healing, Silent No More’‎, where I reflect upon the issues of my past and my current journey of healing;


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