Well Hello! & Heeeeeere’s Dolly!!

2015-08-12 10.25.59-1

Bred and born in Jarvis, ON….this loveable wee pup was 1 of 13!! and came home with us on August 3, 2015.  We are having so much fun and are so fortunate to have her as a part of our family.  Of course, as you can see…she’s not so little anymore! (notice blur of a tail….barely stops wagging…especially when posing for a picture)2015-10-24 22.16.36 [1008832]

We knew right from the start that Dolly was the pup we wanted to join our family, and one day work as a therapy dog.

2015-07-15 14.07.06

Miss Dolly has certainly not grown out of cuddling……snout cuddler


….enjoys taking up space where humans like to lie…

…..will take in a movie now and then….(her favorite so far is the Incredible Journey)


…and loves long cathartic walks in nature.dollyleafpathdollysticks

Naturally, all of this work makes for one tired pup, but Miss Dolly has rest and rejuvenation down pat.
She has also mastered the canine arts of sit, stay, lie down, shake a paw, giving high fives, dropping sticks, stones, socks and tea towels…all precious items she hunts down and captures each and every day….numerous times I might add. We are still working on keeping the nose off of the counter and kitchen table but we are all works in progress and so far, so very good!

With her willingness to learn and to love, her easygoing nature and wonderful disposition…we know that Dolly will bring happiness and calm to all who meet her.  She has already made many friends thanks to our walks through the neighbourhood.  Buster, a Collie/Retriever, is her best pal.  buster

The humans she meets make such a fuss over her that we’re pretty sure that she thinks she’s famous….but she doesn’t let it go to her head. profiledolly Quiet contemplation and dreams of providing cuddle and play therapy to whomever is in need of it, keep her humble and grounded.

As Dolly progresses in her training, we will keep you updated as to when she will be available to meet with you, or your children or other loved ones.  In the meantime, please visit the Canadian Service Dog Foundation website to learn more about how dogs contribute to the care of our neighbours, friends and loved ones in the community.



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