Inspiration Everywhere…From “Normal” Back to Natural

Shortly after admiring last night’s moon (which I sadly was unable to take a picture of, but here’s a painting of a full moon past) moonpaintin….a friend posted a beautiful picture of the sunset, which had set the stage for the moon to rise.  chris'sunset

We discussed how nature seemed to be the most powerful source of peace, amazement, inspiration and thoughtful introspection.

Whatever your inspiration, allowing the spark to ignite your passions, is where living life truly begins….again.

Again?  Think about it.  We are born.  If we are fortunate enough to have caring and attentive parents, as infants we feel hunger and are fed, feel sleepy and are rocked to sleep, feel pain and are soothed and cared for.  Life is instinctual and our basic needs are met.  We grow.  As we get a little older, we explore and push the limits, test boundaries and naturally, rebel against the rules telling us “no”, “don’t do that” “don’t touch” or “be quiet and sit still”.  This is where natural is forced to be “normal” and when we begin to lose a tiny bit of ourselves, in increasing amounts, from the time we are approximately 1 year old.

Our thoughts, instincts, passions, dreams, and inclinations are shaped, molded and corrupted to conform, or are very sadly, suppressed….all to fit into what others who have never even seen, met or spoke to us consider to be “normal”.  We are chastised for rebelling, asking questions or challenging the rules and boundaries.  We are told to assimilate in order to attend school, get jobs and to survive.  Sometimes, tragically, our cultural or religious beliefs are misinterpreted and eradicated by very narrow-minded systems.  We are told that “This is for our own good”, “because they care” and “one day, we will appreciate it”. Yes.  Many times, when raised by those well-meaning and attentive parents, these phrases come from authentic and true intentions.  But sadly, many get lost, depressed or angry in this system.  Some are so tragically left on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum…..neglected, abused or traumatized.  Pushed and pulled every which way but where true needs lie, ironically, we must apply for, or be put on waiting lists to benefit from music, art, talk, horticultural or pet therapy, or another new method or innovative way of assisting people.  Those things which are considered extras, luxuries, hobbies or side projects….they get pushed away in order to make maximum use of time saving for retirement (it may never come), buying bigger and better things (but things don’t care a bit for us) or simply just trying to survive (the costs of living have so drastically risen in the last years).  We hurtle our way blindly through life as set out by society and the system and our emotional, psychological and consequently, physical health comes crashing down in a battered heap.  “We’ll put you on the list”, “You qualify for art therapy”…..enter the trendy saviours.

If only we would allow ourselves and others to foster our spiritual, emotional and psychological growth by acknowledging our passions, our skills and our strengths from the beginning.  If only schools would look at Special Education as a necessity and a requirement for every child.  If only music and art, culture or recreation and all things therapeutic and cathartic were respected……..and expected in everyday living…….by the “norm”

It is only when we are seen in our natural light, environment and thoughts that we can become empowered to be.  To enjoy life as a small child and to be given the opportunity to experience those things which inspire goal setting, dreaming, and opportunity is truly taking care of our loved ones, and as we grow, ourselves.

You most certainly can find the balance between passions/skills and making a living/contributing your innate gifts to society.  Find it.  Know it.  Be it.  Now.

MATTERS wants to know.  What natural passions, skills, talents, dreams, traits do you possess, and are you fostering them?  If not, we want to link you to the ways and means of doing so.  Empowered and validated people make healthy and productive members of society who know how to give back. Let’s give to ourselves and each other and see what happens!

We are all works in progress… time like now to start….


Getting there… be continued….

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