Free Music Lessons Anyone?

Hello and Happy Monday!

As the seasons change, I can’t help but look forward to all that each has to offer.  The fall brings crisp air, clear blue skies like today’s, and painted leaves scattered about….crunching and rustling, making their own type of music in the trees and on the ground.  Music-Tree1

How about you?  Have you ever wanted to make music? If you’ve ever thought about playing guitar, bass, mandolin or ukelele, you are in luck.  Free Spirits co-founder, Tim Smith, professional musician for over 25 years and professional instructor for 10, is available to teach you how to play any of the above instruments and music theory.  Music is not only food for the soul, it is a superfood for the brain!  Don’t just take our word for it. Contact us at and make an appointment for your first lesson now!

Learning, and living your dreams or fostering skills should not be fraught with barriers.  Lessons are free, with conditions, for all ages between 4 & 16 years old. For ages 17-25, ask us how giving back to community can get you your lessons free too!  Write to us for more information!

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