Let’s Get Started. A Call to Budding Artists and Creative Minds. Design Our Logos!!

Hello and Welcome,

We are ready to roll.  MATTERS is officially up and running and in order to keep this momentum, we need to hear from you! collaboration

We are looking for contributions, insights, questions and concerns, news, thoughts, ideas and creative expression from children and youth of all ages, families, teachers and other community members from Paris ON, who want to be involved in a wraparound approach to community support, intervention and empowerment.

You may have noticed that we do not have a logo.  CALLING ALL Paris, ON ARTISTS!  We are looking for MATTERS logo design submissions from non-pro artists and creative minds.  All ages and abilities are encouraged to submit.  The chosen piece will be used as our official logo, with all others posted for everyone to see.  There are no winners or losers in art or creative expression, but friendly competition is healthy and fun!  It doesn’t stop there, FREE SPIRITS is also in need of it’s signature logo.  Same rules apply.


Get those art supplies out and start submitting your masterpieces!  Take a picture, upload and send to freespiritsparis@gmail.com.  Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2015.  Please make sure to send along a mini bio, with your first name and age and anything else you’d like us to know about you.  Remember! DO NOT send identifying information such as your full name, address or picture online.  Stay safe and smart, and have fun!

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